When A Good Thing Turns Bad

“Every truth becomes false when you take it to an extreme.” -David Brooks

When reading serves as an escape from deep work.

When intellect trumps empathy, or vice versa.

When cleanliness becomes compulsive.

When hard work becomes life aversion.

When agreeableness becomes non-virtuous people-pleasing.

When loose connection to everyone becomes deep connection to no one.

When Evernote organization becomes distraction.

When a morning routine shackles you down.

When loving someone becomes an unhealthy addiction.

When ‘keeping the peace’ fuels greater tectonic rumblings.

When discipline constricts spontaneity and creativity.

When sharing becomes oversharing.

When free speech protects hate speech, or when political correctness denies dialogue.

When talk inhibits action.

When planning becomes paralysis.

When solitude turns to isolation.

When passion deters disciplined progress.

When thoughtful reflection becomes over-analysis.

When the solution becomes the problem.

We must continue to reflect on the company we keep, the activities we do, the things we own, and ask:

At what point does this good thing become a not-so-good thing? And has it already?

If it has, we must scale back. If it hasn’t, we must monitor it closely.

Kate Ward