Do Yourself A Favor And Call A Friend Today

We live in a hyperconnected society, yet we are more disconnected than ever.

Some researchers and journalists have called loneliness the greatest epidemic of this American generation.

The biggest problem with loneliness is that it compounds on itself. It begets greater isolation. Because the person that feels isolated is living in a disoriented reality, one that can quickly turn downwards towards depression. As we’ve seen play out with numerous public figures this year, it can be hard to pierce through someone’s disorientation.

In stark terms, loneliness can be fatal.

People with acute loneliness, experience more micro-awakenings during the night, which means they are more lethargic and wound up than others. They are more anxious, more pessimistic, and have lower self-esteem. They scrutinize others more, and thus fear the judgment of others more (only driving them into deeper isolation). They exist in a perpetual state of hyper-stress, which means higher levels of cortisol, and a host of related health issues.

During a period of acute loneliness, psychologists estimate a person is 2-3x more likely to die.

And here’s the thing, my friend. Social media likes and comments will never replace real human connection. So, do yourself a favor and call someone today. Call the person that you think doesn’t need a call. Call the person that you know does. Call someone you care about and share a piece of yourself with them.

No matter the season, no matter the day, we could all use to give and receive a little more love.

Kate Ward