Becoming The Right Role Model

The right role model is nearly impossible to find. There is no one that’s comprised every aspect of who you hope to be someday. No one with your life story or your particular set of attributes.

We strive for representation of all people in all places doing all things. The progression of society relies on this, we say. We look for people who look like us, talk like us, operate like us. We want people who see the world as we do to step into the light and communicate the silent, private thoughts we keep to ourselves.

The right role model is nearly impossible to find. We are forced to mix and match pieces of fictional and historical characters together. We can create a hodgepodge of inspiration by taking this characteristic from Malcolm X, that from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and that other one from Abraham Lincoln.

They speak to us directly, but they aren’t us.

So we strive to be the best of all these people, to stand on the shoulders of the giants that have come before us. Yet, in this process, we dehumanize ourselves in the search for greatness believing that we are incapable. We see perfection only in people who have walked different paths, been blessed with other circumstances.

The right role model is nearly impossible to find. 

Because the right role model isn’t someone out there. It’s not someone in your history books or on your Instagram feed. The right role model for you is you—the you that you know you can become. Chase after that woman or man and you will find the right role model.

You won’t be right for everyone either. But you will be for someone. If only that someone is you.

It is time you step up.

 You’ll breathe rarefied air up here if you’re willing.

A few decades from now some little girl or little boy will be searching for you, fumbling over your imperfections, admiring your contributions.

Trying to find herself or himself. 

Seeking possibility.

Seeking a person who looks, thinks, and acts similar.

Now, it’s up to you.

Don’t let that kid down.

Kate Ward