Merry Christmas

Sometimes, I wish I could find a way to bottle these little moments up. If I could, maybe I wouldn’t be so forgetful, maybe I could find a way to tap back in when life is driving towards stress city.

Growing up (until way later in life than I’m willing to admit), I used to cry every Christmas night. I grieved when the day and the season came to a close. It has everything to do with some essence that’s hard to communicate. At no other point in the year do I feel people are so connected, so convicted in the spirit of giving. If you tune into the right channel, there’s pure joy available at every turn.

As I’ve gotten older, and become accustomed to more of the adult stresses, I’ve come to dread parts of this season (something I’m sure my younger self would disown me for). There is so much to do, so much money to be spent, and so little time to fit everything in.

But I come to remember in moments like these - when my heart and stomach are full. I want nothing more than to savor this moment, this full heart of mine. It’s been a long week and a long day. There’s a lot of work that goes into the production of a holiday gathering.

But here I am now, about to change in my pajamas and sink into the couch to watch Elf with the people I love most. The little girl inside me wants to stay up all night and savor every moment. The adult inside me is full of relief and ready to sleep.

Both are more than grateful.

There is nothing sweeter than this.

There is nothing more important than this.

I’ve never been more lucky than this.


Merry Christmas, everyone.

I hope - whether you celebrate this holiday or not - that you had a blessed day.

Kate Ward