It's On You

As the late King of Pop sang:

"If you want to make the world a better place,
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change."

Game. Set. Match.

If you want tomorrow to be better than it was yesterday, you, I, and everyone must accept responsibility for the future we are headed towards.

We can't look externally; we must look internally and ask:

What can I do?

The future may be collective, but it starts with the individual. A camp of individuals that have the courage to say: "it's on me."

If you can be one of these people, if you have a vision and have the courage to attack it, you'll become part of a rare camp of DGAF game-changers.

I dare you to be one. I dare you to love on your fellow human beings. I dare you to work hard, but even harder on educating yourself. I dare you to vote with your presence, your dollars, and your ballot.

I dare you to be as strong as you are vulnerable. I dare you to speak as much as you listen.

I dare you to be a DGAF game-changer.

I know, on top of everything else in life, it's unfair for me to do this to you--to dare you in this way. I'm sorry I didn't give you the "Truth or Dare" choice.

I just know we need both from you. We need you to be truthful and daring. Daring and truthful.

We need you to show up in this world as the best you can be. Day over day. Month over month. Year over year.

Because it is then and only then that the world gets better.

It starts with you.

I triple dog dare you.

Kate Ward