Finding Meaning Through Connection

What is the meaning of life?

No, not in the existential, grander sense of the question. But for you… at this moment. What is the meaning of today, of being alive at this moment right here?

As we’ve become more secular, we’ve become largely detached from “meaning.” Yet while our outward experience has changed, we are largely the same as we have always been. We crave the same things our generations of ancestors craved—freedom, happiness, health, wealth.

Without a good book to follow (the good books are still available, yes) we are left to our own devices to figure it out. This lack of structure, for many, has led to falling into a deep spiral of perpetual distraction.

We are more familiar with advertising jingles and news reports than they are with our hearts, minds, beliefs, and values. We don’t know what we want day-to-day, let alone understand why we are here on this planet.

I’d like to think we are working our way out of this. We are starting to realize is that you can’t find meaning at the bottom of an XL Diet Coke or a bottle of brandy. You can’t find meaning by running up your credit card balance on fancy hotel stays and name brand clothes.

Real, no-bullshit meaning is found through connection—to others, joy, life, meaningful work, nature, mind and spirit, and values.

And that’s what we need now: connection.

We’ve been relying on junk connections for too long.

So if you’re struggling, if you can’t seem to figure this life thing “out”, it’s not you. You won’t stumble on the meaning of life in an incubator. It’s time to reconnect—with yourself and the beautiful world around you. Get out there and EXPERIENCE what it is to be alive.

Kate Ward