Be Here Now (OMG, It's Awesome)

How often do you experience childlike wonder?

A young child, just learning to speak, sees a tree that you pass by every day and points and screams “WOW.” The vibrancy of the green leaves amazes her. She’s seeing for the first time. But this kind of simplicity doesn’t amaze you anymore. It hasn’t for decades. It’s hard to admit that you don’t even see the tree. You just pass it by, day after day, on your commute to work.

What does it take for you to experience the wonder of life—the wonder of being alive? Does it take someone dying to rip you out of the Matrix? Does it take some massive cosmic intervention? Or can you find wonder in a smile? Can you find a reason to be curious about your work?

There is a sense of connectedness of all things—past, present, future. There is something that underpins this experience we are all having, something we simply cannot know. Whether it’s vibrating strings or God consciousness makes no difference.

You are a part of the whole. You are because they were—the dinosaurs, your ancestors, everyone and everything. You are playing a part in the history of all things. You are alive—for maybe the only time in your existence. What are the chances of that? What are the chances that you are here, with these people right now? Incalculable.

Take some time today and step out of the myriad of your day-to-day stresses. Breathe in the air around you; feel it burn your lungs. Notice the silence, the space. Feel what it is to be alive, in this vast universe, on this spinning rock, in the middle of nothing, with these people, at this time in history, with the opportunity to learn, grown, and give.

How cool is that?

You are alive.

Kate Ward