The Reset Button

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re back in the same place, physically and mentally, that you were in years ago?

Maybe you’re in a new relationship but experiencing the same jealousy issues or you stopped working out and put the weight back on. Maybe you lost money for the umpteenth time making dumb bets or maybe you thought that thing was fixed, but something revealed that it wasn’t.

All of the sudden, BOOM. Someone pressed the reset button. It’s Groundhog’s Day all over again.

You are suddenly conscious of how similar this experience feels to that past one. A sickening kind of frustration accompanies the thought.

How on earth am I back here?

What is wrong with me?

Many religions claim these repeated spiritual tests are delivered by God to make us stronger and wiser. Until we see ourselves fit to transcend these experiences, we must continue to face them.

Whether you believe God is delivering these tests or not, there is truth in this belief. If you are facing the same situation that you faced years ago, there is clearly something you have not mastered that you must.

If this is a result of past frustrations, those must be dealt with. If it is a negative side effect of a defective behavioral loop, address it. If you have been avoiding something that needs attention, you know what to do.

Instead of becoming frustrated with blame-based thoughts, remember: you are not the same. This situation is not the same.

Now, you are conscious. You know this is an opportunity to free yourself. You see and understand that you must face the challenge in front of you head on.

And you know exactly what to do, don’t you?

Yes. Yes, you do.

Kate Ward