Sometimes You Need To Help Yourself, K?

Many of us, especially those who have grown up walking the traditional East Coast path, avoid self-help stuff like the plague. At first glance, it's the antithesis of academia and a blue-collar work ethic.

Not to mention, the whole thing seems innately selfish. I mean, we are talking about an industry with the word "self" in the title.

The thing is: there's a lot of bullsh*t out there. I've seen it. I've read it. I've worked with some people that spew it.

I know the perception these "woo-woo" things have.

Yet, the paradox is: to rise above the bullsh*t, you must become fulfilled, learn how to address your pain, become well connected, increase your confidence, master your mindset.

You must spend time (a lifetime) helping yourself, training yourself.

Because if you can't help yourself, how do you plan to help your family, let alone the world? If you can't stay calm when you get cut off in traffic, how will you be when the markets crash? If you can't be the eye of this drizzle, how do you expect to be the eye of that hurricane? If you can't be content when things are good, what's going to happen when they go south?

Helping yourself isn't just about you feeling happy or something dumb like that. It's about every person that you come into contact with. It's about how you'll show up and what value you'll be able to add for others.

Helping yourself has little if anything to do with you.


So here it is. This is your permission to help yourself. It's your permission to be a little selfish sometimes (and OMG read a book for a half hour or something!).

This is your permission to start helping humanity by starting at home. To stop saying, "I'm fine." To start saying, "I'm working on it."

I don't think it matters so much how you choose to help yourself. Whether through self-help, talk therapy, psychology, religion, science, family, ayahuasca, friends, spirituality, astronomy, materialism, meditation, history, podcasts.

Do what works for you.

You deserve to experience the best of you.

The world does, too.

By whatever means necessary.

Kate Ward