Could You Have Done More? Could You Have Done Better?

One of the most upsetting feelings is realizing you could have done more. Or rather, you could have done better.

If I'd known better then, I would have worked and studied harder. I would have put myself out there more and gone after what I really wanted. I would have befriended more strangers and sought out better mentors. I would have acted more honest, compassionate, and forgiving. I would have tapped into the endless opportunities around me -- to learn, grow, and give.

This very idea of untapped potential - -in life, relationships, business, spirituality, and love - -is what drives me. Because I know, if I've felt this way looking back on past experiences, I'll be sure to think it in the future.

And if you're like me, you'll be sure to wonder similar things:

Why didn't I go for it?
Why didn't I ask him out?
Why didn't I call my mom more?
Why didn't I give more of myself?
Why wasn't I able to admit my imperfections?

The regrets of the future are made today.

So, my friend, leave it all out on the field.

Kate Ward