What If Our Loved Ones Are Just Playing Peak-A-Boo?

The reasons babies love peek-a-boo is because it confuses them to no end. Their perception of the world is not refined enough to understand that you are hiding behind your hands. They think, at that moment anyway, that you have fallen off the earth.

And then suddenly, you reappear. What magic! Laughter ensues.

This is how I like to imagine the loss of someone we love. It's just a game of peek-a-boo.

In a flash, they seem to be gone. We are surprised and devastated by the fact that we can't seem them anymore. Where have they gone to? They were just right here.

I imagine, at the end of our own lives, we will realize our perception of the world wasn't refined enough to realize they are hiding behind that which we cannot know. To us, it seems they have fallen off the earth. When in reality, they may still be sitting right here--waiting to reveal themselves again...

Kate Ward