Sundays Are The Best Days

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

I get almost the same amount done as any other day if I want to. If not, it's okay. There's no rush, no deadlines, no stress.

As John Mayer sings, "Nothing to do, nowhere to be... a simple little kind of free."

I'm committed to defending against to-do lists like the Patriots D on Trubisky today. Which I must admit, on both accounts, is panning out to be a bit more difficult than expected.

Sundays more than other days are sacred. Every Sunday is a day to reflect on how things are going and to prepare for how they are going to be.

Even if just for five minutes. Five minutes isn't enough, but it'll do if that's all you have. For prayer. Journaling. Meditating. Running.

Something to get us out of our heads.

In today's always-on digital-world, this silent nod at tradition seems more necessary than ever.

Football, too, tho.

Kate Ward