That Only Happens To Other People, Right?

There are some things that happen to people like you and me. And then there are the things that only happen to other people. People you see on the news, crying to reporters saying, "I can't believe it."

One of those things -- that is only supposed to happen to others -- is having your house ransacked by a tornado. Another would be having a family member murdered. Or perhaps losing a limb in a car accident.

I mean: How many people have houses? How many people have family members? How many people drive cars? And how many of those people will have to deal with insurance claims, murder trials, and prosthetics?

Almost none of them.

Probability, randomness, divine intervention--we don't know what it is that makes these things happen to some people, not others.

What we do know is this: we never think they are going to happen to us. And so, in these moments-- when the thing that happens that wasn't 'supposed' to happen- - we simultaneously reveal and become who we are. We realize that this isn't a game of expectation or fairness; it just is.

Kate Ward