Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

People often say: “time heals all wounds.” But that strikes me as terrible advice for a person experiencing heartbreak—for a few reasons, not just because it’s a cliche.

Of course, there is truth in the statement. All painful things certainly get better with distance, with space, with time. In my experience anyway.

But acting as if time on its own is the solution… it takes the power out of the hands of the wounded.

It’s as if to say the only way to be okay is to let it bleed out. No bandages. No ointments. No stitches. There’s nothing you can do, but just sit and wait.

By relinquishing our power to time in these circumstances, we end up living in a conditional future. A future in which enough time has passed and the wound is now healed.

“Then life will be good,” we think.

All the while asking, “When will this f*cking end?”

All the while suffering.

All the while ignoring the many remedies at our disposal.

Kate Ward