Play The Hand You've Got

Whether you have a royal flush or absolutely nothing, the cards you have are the cards you have. It’s your choice to play them honestly or on a bluff. It’s also your choice whether to fold.

At times, it will feel like you should fold. Everyone else at the table is smirking. “Their cards must be better,” you think. But everyone is holding the cards their holding; that’s just it.

It’s not a matter of fairness. There is no such thing as objective “fairness” anyways, in poker or in life. You can make claims that the deck has been stacked against you, but what difference does it make? Does it make you feel better to blame the Universe for your circumstance? It sure does.

But what does that give you in the end? Nothing. You still have to play the hand or choose to fold. The cards you were dealt don't change that fact. And so, it's best to focus your attention and energy on maximizing your position.

Kate Ward