Everyone You Meet Is In The Fight Of Their Life

"Everyone you meet is in the fight of their life."

Sometimes the tritest statements are the truest. Because they are true, they have been repeated--over and over again. And because generation after generation, we have heard them said--we forget how true they really are.

The words written in quotations above are capital-T true. But they have lost their weight in our collective consciousness and conversation. As a society, we have lost the ability to see the forces that underpin what we do agree upon -- the struggle of life itself.

The struggle for truth, for righteousness, for goodness. The struggle to love and be loved in return. The struggle to overcome our insecurities and egos. The struggle to live up to our parents' expectations or to succeed in spite of them. The struggle to find a place in this world. The struggle of loss and injustice. The struggle of recognizing our own mortality. The struggle for sense in what seems so senseless.

At every turn, for every single one of us, this struggle exists. In varying degrees, in diametrically opposed ways, what connects us all is our desire to overcome our own nature and our own past tendencies.

In this sense, we are all on an individual journey, together. And it is only by taking radical ownership over our own individual roles in that collective journey that we can make any real progress. It is only by focusing on the collectivity of this struggle that we can begin to heal and to start focusing, again, on what really matters.

Which is not politics. It's humanity.

As author Russ Roberts says, "If you want to make the world a better place, work on being trustworthy, and honor those who are trustworthy. Be a good friend and surround yourself with worthy friends. Don’t gossip. Resist the joke that might hurt someone’s feelings even when it’s clever. And try not to laugh when your friend tells you that clever joke at someone’s expense. Being good is not just good for you and those around you, but because it helps others be good as well. Set a good example, and by your loveliness you will not only be loved, but you may influence the world."

Kate Ward