Digital Ghostwriting

In today’s always-on digital world, sharing your story is a must. To be relevant and relatable, you need to be blogging (at a minimum). But when you are busy changing the world, there isn’t a lot of time to write about it. That’s where I come in. I’ll produce your ideas in your voice by facilitating a writing process that produces high-value content at a low cost on your time.

I’ve ghostwritten for a range of clients—from economists to gym owners to executive coaches. This work has been featured in Thrive Global and Forbes. A handful of my ghostwritten articles have gone viral (100K+ reads). Examples of my work can be provided by request.

Research & Copywriting

Copy is the name of the game. None of your marketing collateral matters if your copy doesn’t adequately communicate and reflect what you do. You need copy (on your site, in your newsletters) that connects with the hearts of your customers, speaks directly to their problems and aspirations.

I’ve helped a few small businesses through extensive rebrands, but do mostly maintenance work - email newsletters, site tweaks, sales page copy. I’ve sold five figures worth of memberships, services, and products through sales pages alone.

Strategic Consulting

Content & Copyediting

With so many ‘biz influencers’ yelling at you - it’s hard to determine what’s your right move, in marketing, in writing, and sometimes even in life. What ends up happening to most people is: (a) they become paralyzed, (b) they hire someone at a ridiculous price tag to handle it, or (c) they dabble in everything and get frustrated. I offer weekly one-on-one consulting calls with small business owners to help them clarify their content strategy, their overall vision, and keep them accountable.

When all is said and done, sometimes I have clients who still want to own the content production, just need a little touching up in the after effects booth. I offering monthly editing subscriptions for those special people.