One Email. Once Per Month. Period. 

[I hate getting too many emails from people that I signed up to get a free PDF from, so it would be very hypocritical for me to turn around and do this to you—and I’m NOT a hypocrite.]

In this email, you’ll find a short list of the best articles, stories, podcasts, and books I’ve listened to or read in a given month. You can expect everything from age-old philosophy to random new research studies to obscure interviews back when audio still sucked on podcasts. You will find quite quickly, however, I am biased to long-form interviews and non-fiction.

It’s the sh*t; I swear…

Why on earth should you care?

Good question. We have access to learning about the experiences, ideas, and operating systems of some of the most virtuous, successful, and interesting people in human history at the click of a button. We can listen to people like this have a conversation about changing the world and then come home and read a bit of ancient philosophy. All it takes is a free podcast app or a few dollars, a 2-day wait period (shout out to the real VIP: Amazon Prime), and a few hours huddled on a couch.

The way I see it is: every book, every movie, every article, and every experience is an opportunity to take away some deeper truth, something that will help me surmount an emotional hump or add value to others in some way.

Why should I take suggestions from you, Kate?

I’m always researching. A huge part of my job as a ghostwriter in the (quite overcrowded) personal development space is to pull together relevant and helpful anecdotes, studies, and stories that can tie things together nicely. It’s also to make self-help seem the opposite of cliché (which can be hard to do).

This means I’m on the hunt for archived podcast episodes and timeless wisdom instead of overused self-help quotes and platitudes like, “Follow your dreams.”

Why not just sign up for some more established person’s reading list or newsletter?

Do it. I dare you. I’m not stopping you from living your life. Did you think we had to be exclusive here? Oh, that’s awkward. I’m dating a ton of other reading lists, too.