The Core Pillars

The Goal of Grief is a set of resources for individuals that are trying to find their way through grief, not around it. 

We believe that deep grief is an opportunity to redesign our lives, reorient our souls, and redefine our purpose for being. In this process of discovering the reasons why something happened, we find a meaning and resilience that couldn't have existed without the pain.



Pain is the ultimate motivator. After going through the acute stages of grief, we start looking for answers. Coincidentally (or not), the first step in orienting yourself towards Post Traumatic Growth is cultivating that hunger inside you, that voice that's telling you there's more to life than "this." 

For many, this step starts with seeking spiritual guides, studying ancient philosophy, or reading self-help books.

The content on this site (and via our other channels) is written and designed in ways that are meant to help getting you to start thinking about what's possible. It's meant to help pull you on the path to finding your own greatness, not in spite of your pain but because of it.  


The Goal of Grief is really best described as a coaching process that is designed to help you activate your grief. To use it for something good. To become better. To incorporate your loss in a way that drives you.

A lot can be done on your own through self-education and connecting with others, but a coach will help you identify the patterns and season you're living in and breakthrough to the next level. He/she will help keep you oriented towards what you want to come out of your grief.

Coaching is MUCH different than therapy and in many cases, you should start with therapy after experiencing some substantial loss. Grief coaching is for individuals who are hungry to feel okay and to achieve, but can't seem to get there on their own.  If you are in the acute stages of grief, still just trying to survive and breathe at all, coaching may not be for you quite yet. We suggest that you reach out to a licensed psychologist or MFT in your area as a first step. 




Loss of any kind, especially when experienced at an early age, can be quite confusing and isolating. One of the most beautiful things that deep pain gives us is a pathway for connecting with others.

Sitting with someone else and connecting over what you've both gone through is perhaps the sweetest thing that can come from painful experiences. Those "me too" moments are brilliant and it's part of our goal is to create more of them for you and others through online communities and resources for in-person dinners and meetings.

The closing loop is that it all starts to seem a bit more worth it, all the struggling and all the pain, when you can help someone else see the light in the darkness as well.